Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Cake ...

Prepping for this week's Blueberry yoghurt loaf cake.

Very nice warm from the oven.


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Saturday Morning Pictures ...

Went to Saturday morning flicks today to see Pride, laughed and sniffled my way through the film.  Solid cast, great entertainment with a serious message.  If you get the chance to go, please do.  You will not regret it.  Imelda Staunton and Bill Nighy making sandwiches, a joy to watch.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Bake club ...

Trial run of Bill Granger's chocolate and raspberry tart for the bake club.  Because no one else in the house eats cake, I am now completely sick of it.  How those contestants on GBBO keep their cool under the glare of the TV camera and Mr Hollywood, never mind the time pressure I will never know.     Also the cost of ingredients to practice recipes at home must be phenomenal.  I had most of the component parts for this recipe in the cupboards but still spent just under £10 for the extras albeit I will be making two.  I managed to not set the timer once, at least there was no danger of a soggy bottom, and the raspberries were slightly burnt.  When I mentioned this I was told I gave sage advice to the GBBO contestants when this occurred the week before.  I can even answer a University Challenge question or two and you would think I had won the trophy for that year.   How wise we are when we are sitting on our sofa.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Going gracefully ...

Doing a little internet research, I found an article in the Daily Mail on going grey gracefully which referred to a new survey from L'OrĂ©al UK & Ireland putting grey hair at the top of a list of things that make people feel less confident about their appearance when they are over 50.  Mmmmmm.  Well it might be a matter of opinion but I don't think Jackie Burger,  editor of Elle, looks anything but confident.  Simple understated style something to aspire to.

I found my first grey hair at 24 and over the years I have been various shades of brunette, red and blond.  Blond with Irish colouring, now that is something to behold.

Two years ago at the height of my eczema challenge, I found that even the mildest of colourant used by my hairdresser, was itself too powerful.  I had been grateful for this particular brand because it had produced very shiny healthy hair for quite a while, something that would not have been possible with any other colourant. 

We changed the battle plan (my hairdresser & I) and started on the low-light and high-light pathway.   It was still a shock to see all that grey and it wasn't a good look to pull back into a ponytail but I persisted.  At least up until last Christmas, when a flare up of eczema made me give up the bottle for good, the colour bottle that is.  Six plus months on and I am of the view that I should have done it sooner.   Although don't tell my husband who was on at me to embrace the grey years earlier. 

I am not yet fully grey but I take great pleasure in my grey streaks as I do my wrinkles which according to L'Oreal is next on the list of confidence sappers.  Fortunately these days there are many role models who do not hold store by their looks staying the same throughout life and I for one want to enjoy the present whatever the change, rather than waste my time looking backwards.  I certainly didn't fully appreciate my teens and early twenties so why would I think I could replicate them now?

Friends and colleagues say I am brave but I just feel liberated and happy in my skin.  What more could I ask for?