Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Super Sunday ...

Heaven is the Sunday newspaper, coffee in bed, car boot sale and a tasty breakfast here

Managed to get this sweet little jug, which meets my green theme criteria,  at way below vintage fair prices.  Given that I have been known to pick up bits and pieces of china for my collection at 10p & 25p I can certainly contain my spending gene when browsing vintage fairs.   My other criteria is that there must be a MADE in ENGLAND stamp on the bottom, unfortunately turning china over to read the stamp tends to make stallholders think you are a dealer.  My final criteria is that I can't spend beyond my budget of £5.  If the budget is spent I don't move on to the next boot fair.   Do any of you boot fair aficionados out there have similar rules that you abide by? 


  1. The cafe looks really good. You are making me feel I have to point the car in your direction and visit some of the places I knew in my mis-spent youth!! Of course, in my day it was coffee bars that were all the rage. We used to meet in a branch (in the High Street if my memory serves me well) of that emporium in the town next door with the colour-change fountain. We generally arrived when the more staid locals were enjoying their cuppas, started up the juke box and were amazed at how quickly the place would empty!!

    1. You may find it has changed beyond recognition but there remain a few gems & new comers willing to give it a go and make a positive contribution to the local economy.

  2. I've never heard of The Caboose Cafe before, but it does look lovely. Thanks for the link.


  3. I recommend a visit. They do a great eggs benedict.

  4. I don't set a budget,just spend until I feel sick!!!Or hubby threatens to strangle me in public!!!