Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Beautiful car boot fairs ...

I had half a mind not to go to the bootfair today because a detour to the petrol station took us closer to 'Broadstairs Folk Week'.  I don't know about you but I have a particular approach when it comes to bootfairs.  I am not a rummager, I was never very good at jumble sales, my Dad went nuts when I brought home a pair of second-hand womens' shoes when I was eleven.  They would probably be quite fashionable now, because if I remember rightly they were winkle-pickers.  Oh yeah of little faith.  Anyway I do have an eye for the type of stall that might provide me with a little gem.   I would describe myself as a middle of the aisle scanner, walking whenever possible down the centre sweeping my eyes from left to right.  So I was particularly glad I chose the bootfair option to hone my scanning skills because this little fella was awaiting a new home.

On the way I was asked what I would be looking for, I call it 'the Fear' like the Lily Allen song.  So I merrily trotted off a list of  'no more brooches, I have enough, no more sparkly necklaces, I have enough (that's a blog post for another time) and no more table-cloths'.

That worked until I spied this little beauty across the bonnet of a car.

The two pillowcases are in perfect condition and were 20p, for heaven sake what can you buy for 20p these days.   So all in all three super little items, with cash left over from my £5 budget and we still managed an afternoon walk into Broadstairs.  It was all very busy there but I am more of a Jazz girl, so not really my scene.

My muffin making also knows no bounds and these were whipped up whilst listening to show tunes on Radio 2 with EP.  My first savoury recipe, Feta, Cheddar & Chive from this book Picnics by David Herbert

My technical director and editor-in-chief suggested the next time I make these I should crumble the feta rather than chop it.  Good suggestion but if you are not mad on feta, chopped pieces mean you can fish them out and still enjoy a good cheesy muffin.
Yummy days xxx


  1. Sounds lie a successful day - and the boot fair came in under budget! Hope you visited the ice cream parlour in Broadstairs. It holds loads of happy memories for me (don't ask - I was very young at the time!!!).

  2. Aw I got that little dog's brother recently, but he's standing up ... looks like Cath Kidston's Stanley. Lovely buys, and muffins look gorgeous! xxx

  3. Oh my I have a some sheets that match your pillowcase....hrifted of course! I too am a little bit like you a middle of the aisle woman....not been to a car boot in a very long time.Love the tablecloths and I've got too many ( I don't use them anyway so will be having a proper good sell soon xx

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments. I do use the table-cloths but the are quickly whipped off before we eat. My favoured ice-cream parlour is Pelosi. I had a Campari & orange cone there last week and it was mighty fine.

  5. Snap! (I've got those pillow cases but in blue...)

  6. Lovely buys. Very controlled might I add, I always come back with a boot full!
    Glad I have found your blog.....lovely :)
    Emma (Oooh Betty!) xxx

  7. Thank you. You are most welcome.