Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Friday flowers on a Thursday ...

Every girl loves a bunch of flowers and I am no exception.   I do try to keep my expenditure as low as possible, but a bunch of something pretty each week cheers me.

Spent a day out of my comfort zone, whatever that is these days, with some great people in a setting I don't generally experience.

Lunch was partaken here The Greedy Cow and someone who shall remain nameless may have eyes too big for their belly.

A novel way of propping open a window.  Don't you just love that window film?  I do, I stroke it everytime I eat here, yes sad I know.

And of course a coffee shot!

Managed to make some muffins from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days which is winging its way to me at a knock-down price from the Book People.  Oh yes, of course, I needed another baking book.  The only problem with the recipe apart from the fact that they are a heart-attack in muffin case, never has it been known in this house to use up a full jar of Nutella in a year, this took one evening (30 minutes actually) but with a quick gust of wind the topping takes off across the kitchen and in one instance is evenly distributed across someones bed.

Happy Days xxx


  1. The flowers are lovely! Nice to treat yourself! Ada :(

  2. Lovely flowers,they really are so inexpensive to buy these days and yes it's oh so good to treat yourself.
    I too have a pink polka tablecloth x

  3. Hello...saw you on a comment somewhere and came to see. Can't remember which blog is it was now - maybe Harmony and Rosie.

    Anyway, hi. :)

    Nice to see a fellow sweet-toother. Those muffins look incredible! As does that monster burger. Oh I love burgers.

    1. I have joined a baking club, first meeting this week, so have been road testing muffin recipes. Work colleagues are being drafted in to trial the results, but only if they are prepared to provide a objective review. It is amazing how willing they all are!

  4. Hello! Like Wendz I've followed a link from somewhere else. Pleased to meet you. Those muffins look delicious :D

  5. Had a peek at your blog, love your photographs. Nice to see the vintage one you posted of the 1948 Olympics included bunting.