Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

Thursday, 23 August 2012

It's Vintage Darling ...

One of the advantages of having the 'Turnip' Centre nearby is the influx of vintage shops that warrant a visit or two.  Even better is that whilst pricey, they offer better value than similar outfitters further up the coast.  However, if I am found anywhere near this little shop I am going to have to be arrested.  You know the addage 'it could have been made for you' well that's the problem here, together with it seeming so eco friendly to be recycling especially when it looks so damn good but the fact is that as hard as I try I can't push anymore into my wardrobe.

Unfortunately this store was closed for the day, but as Arnie once said "I'll be back".

Another obsession of mine is Blue Plaques, official or unofficial, here are two from Margate's heyday.

Hattie might have been curvaceous but she wore some great frocks.

And this man had me falling off the sofa with laughter when I was a child.

Happy Days xxx


  1. Love the blue plaques ... and the blue picnic set! xxx

  2. Wouldn't mind a little look around those shops! Lucky you! Ada :)

  3. Ooh me too, I love blue plaques. The kids hate it as i always stop to read them, even the ones in York I've read a dozen times...
    I loved Hattie Jacques; did you see the biopic on BBC4 where Ruth Jones played Hattie? It was compelling.
    Sally @ Lavender Attic

    1. Yes I did. It was excellent but a bitter-sweet tale.

  4. I love the old town - it really is one of my favourite places to have a mooch around.

    Nina x

    ps. you did make me laugh with your spider stick - I think quite a few readers have taken up on the idea. N x

    1. The spider stick was in full use yesterday as a garden tidy up was in progress.