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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Wonderful Whitstable ...

Spent a couple of hours in Whitstable with the express purpose of buying a pink polka dot waste bin from the incredible ironmongers they have there.  They still stock fly papers and moth balls, yes moth balls.  It really is a treasury of bits and bobs.  If you need it I am sure they stock it.  They even sell second-hand china, which some might call vintage.  Upstairs there was also a small selection of second-hand furniture in a room that still had its original 1970s wallpaper and some fabulously loud curtains of the same period.  I could only just contain myself from tearing them from the curtain rails and whipping up a few cushions.  Somehow I don't think they would have been impressed with the loss of their window treatments.  We used to have a similar store in our town, but sadly it closed down a few years ago, much to be said for 'if you don't use it you lose it'.

Famed for its Oyster festival and seafood stalls, a pleasant afternoon or weekend can be spent there.  However the thought of eating oysters is wasted on me, I just don't get it.  Call me a philistine if you wish, I expect I must have missed out on my culinary education somewhere along the way.  As for whelks don't even go there, just like chewing an alien that has stepped off the set of Doctor Who.  Whitstable has a name for being called 'London by the Sea' with its liberal smattering of Farrow & Ball and bunting together with its twee range of little independent shops and celeb spotting reputation.  But hey we all need a little escapism from time to time.

Whilst there I also visited the Seaside Brocante that was taking place.  Some nice stalls including one selling great costume jewellery - all sparkly - my favourite but way beyond my price range, could almost buy a whole outfit for the price of a necklace.  I must remember when I ask how much, I need to multiply up from boot-fair prices and add some.

We also took in a little art exhibition.  Particularly liked this Tracey Emin portrait made from torn pieces of paper.

Whilst walking along the quay I managed to pick up a green faceted glass  necklace for the princely sum of £1 from a little charity stall.  Now that's more like it, unfortunately I may need a new dress to go with it!


  1. I have a little surprise for you over at my blog! xx

  2. Thank you. That is very kind of you. I will put my thinking cap on and post my answers later.

  3. Hi there - I've just popped over from Thriftwood for a peek at your blog. Look forward to following your adventures in blogland and hope you'll hop over and visit my blog sometime too. Have a happy Sunday. xo

  4. That's better! I can follow you now! Just caught up with your blog, I think it's good that we talk about everyday stuff as well as some of the lovely days out we have, I love a bargain too! Having a wallpaper giveaway soon so fingers crossed you can get hold of some! Ada :)

  5. Hi there,
    thankyou for commenting on my thrifted brooches, I have just popped over for a read. I've just become a follower and will be back! Love the post about Whitstable - I would love to go there!
    Sally @ Lavender Attic x