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Friday, 14 September 2012

A Christmas Post ...

Stop I hear you cry, please no, not yet, it's too early. 

Well it is never too early to talk about tea towels. I have a tea towel confession to make. I love tea towels, all sorts and all types.  It probably stems from school trips in my youth, when the best present you could buy your Mum in the National Trust gift shop was a tea towel. I can't even rid myself of the old, soft and frankly tatty ones that would be better suited as a colander. Obviously I don't pin those on the line to dry! What would the neighbours think? I also find it difficult to break free of my tea towel shackles when it comes to using some of my prettier ones. I hide these at the bottom of the pile in case some unsuspecting dryer upper should stray across one. What I am thinking? What am I waiting for? A visit from the Queen? I even have one, unused, that I purchased from a shop that has been closed down for many years now.

My current tea towel obsession is to purchase the perfect tea towel for Christmas. "What to cover with coffee stains?" I am asked. You can guess who the tea towel philistine is in this household, can't you? I have been sensible and purchased a job lot of the classic yet functional pure linen 'glass cloths' to deal with such behaviour. A quick squirt of bleach in the wash and everyone is happy. Marriage guidance, who needs it? 

So I thought to myself there will be like minded people out there in blogland who will understand my tea towel obsession and share the joy of my purchase for Christmas. But don't expect me to be flashing the tatty ones around here anytime soon.

Have a great weekend xxx
PS - don't forget to pop over to the lovely Thriftwood who is having a super vintage giveaway, to be drawn on 30th September.


  1. I do like some of the older ones but daren't buy any for fear of starting a new addiction! Have a great weekend! Ada :)

  2. Tee Hee - you've just given me good giggle! Love your story and completely appreciate your quest to find THE PERFECT tea towel. My hubby too has no respect for pretty towels ;-)
    Thanks for the giggle, have a good weekend,

  3. Hello there, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    It's never too early to talk about tea towels or Christmas in my book. I also have "categories" of tea towels. Good ones, REALLY good ones, everyday, ones that are like rags. Woe betide bubby if he unwittingly uses a good one on a roasting tin!!

    Gillian x

  4. Hi there
    for a moment I hesitated before popping in.....Christmas no I thought I don't want to read or hear about it!
    The I thought no one must take the good and the bad if you want to keep your followers happy and content so I bravely plunged in.....oh big sigh!!!! not so bad after all it's about tea towels and I like tea towels so I'm happy to stay and read the rest. I can't say I'm obsessed with tea towels but I understand you because I am a bit wacky about napkins I hate paper napkins I must use a real napkin!!! Napkins are used at every meal time here its a Spanish custom so I've grown to like them a lot but now what with progress and all that everyone uses paper napkins which I detest. I love my real napkins!
    I like this tea towel actually .....its neat!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  5. Hello and thank you very much for the plug for my giveaway! I have a trunkful of brand new tea towels, Cath Kidston, Emma Bridgwater, even some very lovely Primarni ones, which I cannot bring myself to use as I know they'll be instantly ruined. You see, my family, apart from me, take the words 'tea towel' literally, and use them to mop up spilt tea and other beverages. What am I waiting to use them for though, like you, am I waiting for a visit from a royal? We should enjoy them now, rather than keeping them for 'best' ... Best may never happen!

    Enjoy your weekend

    Claire xxx

  6. HI,Thankyou for leaving a comment on my blog,I'M fairly new to all this and can't believe that there are others like me who just LOVE vintage and collecting.Yes amongst other holics!! I have mild teatowelholic!!I too purchase lovely teatowels for Easter,Christmas,birthdays and days of the week and of course I have an unused Cath Kidston and Emma Bridgewater for if The Queen should offer to wash up after partaking tea in my vintage china and She could choose between the two!!! I wonder which she favours Emma or Cath?Kind Regards PAM.

  7. Brilliant post. Made me smile a lot. Thing is with posh tea towels is they're so blimmin' pricey. (love design, but can't afford it!) I obsess alongside you though. x

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Being the most bid I am I came a looking. I too am a tee towel addict. And with a Christmas obsession I have 6 chrimbo towels I can't bring myself to use for general tea towel rolls. Maybe this year I'll man up and use them! Penny x

  9. I came across in my quest for the perfect tea towel. (no connection to me, just love their stuff!)