Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Another piece of tat and a kaleidoscope breakfast ...

Took a little trip into Deal yesterday but not without first the sound of screeching breaks (slight poet licence there) when a garage sale was spotted not even a minute into our journey and another piece of green china joins the happy gang!

The trip was made because it was a beautiful day and to visit the Black Douglas Cafe.  It is obviously very popular, judging by the fact that they were out of sausages & bacon by the time we had arrived albeit a little late on account of my short lie-in, well it was almost lunchtime.  Slightly down-hearted we put our choice into the hands of the waitress who had a tendency to describe everything as 'yummy'.  But 'yummy' it was, a vegetarian big breakfast with chorizo on the side and this big fella watching us as we ate.  Apologies if the lino-cut print of a woman's nipple offends but you should have seen the one to the left of the black-bird!  If you ever get the chance to visit Deal, the Black Douglas comes highly recommended, they seemed a very hard-working young crew with good taste in music.  What more could you want but reggae to accompany your breakfast.  Is that just me then?

A little mooch round the shops and market awaited us with lots of lovely sunny flowers to ease the journey into Autumn.

  Happy Sunny Days xxx


  1. It does indeed look yummy! So do the flowers! Ada :)

  2. Big Breakfast with a bit of reggae on the side .... perfection! xxx

  3. Now that is a breakfast...yummy indeed! Those sunflowers are sure pretty :)
    Thanks for paying my blog a visit and leaving me a comment, I am glad you did as I can now visit your lovely blog (I am your newest follower)..
    Magie x

  4. Magie

    You are most welcome here.

    By the way I love your blog title.

  5. Oh I could do with that yummy breakfast right this minute! I lIke Deal. Went to Sandwich last weekend. Thats pretty too. A good charity shop in the square there. Have you been?

    1. Welcome to my blog. Yes I visit whenever I am in Sandwich. I bought a reasonably priced crochet blanket there a couple of years ago. My husband calls it practising for Keele House which is a older persons residential home!