Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Simple pleasures ...

My hot beverage of choice is coffee, freshly ground, filtered and milky.  However there are times when a nice rooibos or some green tea can also quench my thirst.  The 'nappy pin' you see in the picture above is my tea infuser, a gift from Sweden, where apparently they sell tea in the loose leaf form.  I have no idea whether the Swedish nation truly shuns the convenience of the teabag but I do know the infuser languished in my kitchen drawer until the recent opening of a shop selling a wide range of loose tea in nearby Margate.  Much fresher than tea purchased from a supermarket, or as someone recently described it; "anything else will now taste like floor sweepings" the choice is pretty mind boggling.  After a little mutter to myself, I settled on Teddy Bear's Choice Fruit Tea, don't you just love the name?  If you get the chance to visit the Broadstairs Food Festival next week and you take your tea loose or if  like me you prefer it served in a 'nappy pin' pop along to Lady Tesha's Loose Leaves stall and see for yourself.

Opposite me whilst I take tea is a winter cyclamen, both gorgeous and cheap at £1.50 in the local market.  The plant pot is another 50p purchase from the boot fair last week and my first 'Made in Germany' purchase.   I researched the brand; Scheurich on the internet and found an ceramics company that has been established since 1927.  There are also some interesting vintage pieces for sale on Ebay, all for 50p!

Finally, lunch today was one of my all time favourites; cheese omelette. What could be simpler?

Have a peaceful weekend xxx

 A big welcome to my new followers in particular Fatdormouse and Lou at Jumbles and Pompoms.


  1. I do buy some loose leaf tea's as well..I find that I use much less of the green tea that way ( I always find the green tea bags are a bit overfilled for myself and can easily get a bitter taste). I like the sound of the teddy bear's fruit tea :)
    Your cyclamen is just lovely..bargain price on the vase as well!
    That omelette's looks very tasty as well (I must make one of these with the eggs I have just started to get from my chickens!).
    Have a lovely weekend x
    Magie x

  2. I used to have one of those nappy pin tea things. Mmmmm, whatever happened to it I wonder. Have a great weekend. xx

  3. I love strong black coffee but I like green tea too. I was wondering why you had a nappy pin in your tea! Ada :(

  4. Mr FD swears by loose tea and will not countenance teabags in the house (well, that's a bit of an exaggeration!) He has a thèiere (like a cafetiere but in a teapot) for his morning Assam (brought over from the UK by kind friends) and a nappy pin like yours for his "Black Russian" (Russian Earl Grey) through the day. I bought him a beautiful heart shaped tea holder from Hampton Court - romantic but bloody useless. Thanks for the welcome!

    1. Russian Earl Grey sounds fab and Mr FDs tea ritual is the perfect simple pleasure.

  5. Hello! I was drawn to your label of Margate which led me to Broadstairs!.... Are you a local girl? I grew up in Broadstairs and went to Margate for Dreamland, boys and hot donuts, not necessarily in that order!! Not forgetting Etam, M&S and the amusements!!
    I haven't been over properly since they built that monstrosity but I gather it's been good for the area! ;-) x