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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Peaceful Sunday ...

Last year the youngest member of my household had the opportunity to visit Ypres.  The school party were given the chance to look for a relative known to be buried in the area and lay a Cross or Star of David on their grave or memorial.  Having little knowledge regarding relatives that may have perished in the Great War, a decision was made to place the cross on the grave of someone near her age.  She laid it on the grave of a 16 year old.  Says it all really.
Have a peaceful Sunday xxx


  1. How very thoughtful.....although its sad to remember the tragedy of the two WW its good that it is brought home to the young ones......and hopefully understood...... I think the governments worldwide should be made to understand this too. Never again!

    least we forget

    Amanda :-)

  2. It does indeed say it all. Bless her.
    Wishing you and yours a thoughtful & peaceful Sunday too.

  3. So sad, such young lives lost. I visited the WW2 graveyard at Bayeaux a few years back and it broke my heart to see these young men's resting place. May they rest in peace.

  4. I imagine you we're so proud of your sweet girl.
    Lest we forget

  5. 16 is no age at all.

  6. That episode of Blackadder is one of the most poignant pieces of television ever made, and I always think of it/watch it at this time of year.