Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

Monday, 24 December 2012

Wishing you all a ...

Have a good one xxx

Happy Holidays ...

Almost there, taking it easy sitting up in bed listening to Christmas classics on SmoothChristmas.  Is 8.45 am too early for Advocaat?  Yes, I thought so too, but Rusinurbis got me thinking this to be the perfect accompaniment when icing the Christmas cake.  You will find me later, pointing the hair dryer at my cake in a desperate attempt to dry it out in time for the festivities.

What last minute preparations are you involved in right now?

Happy Holidays xxx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Little star ...

Radio silence has been maintained because I didn't feel much like blogging last weekend, such a sad time for many.  We are now fully prepped for Christmas, with beds made and waiting for visitors to arrive.  The tree purchase was preceded by a few shocked 'how much?' conversations and a simple little one it is too, in its very own pot so it can languish in the garden until next year.   However the thought of what might crawl from it next Christmas fills me with dread.   Our star was fashioned many years ago, in pre-recycling days, from a toilet roll holder, cereal box and kitchen foil; we were very much before our time in this house.  Every year I threaten to buy something posh to plant atop our tree but every year the protestations win out.  Provisions are aplenty and the final piece in the jigsaw is to collect the turkey tomorrow, the Christmas cake is covered in marzipan although not yet iced, there just has to be one thing to leave to the last minute.  Although don't be surprised if you find me in a petrol station on Christmas Day looking for the one thing I forgot to buy.  Ah yes batteries.

Have fun with your final preparations xxx

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Tree free ...

Family conversation at the moment centres around the tree, of which there is not yet a specimen ensconced in our home.  Space is now at a premium due to the purchase of a rather lovely cream leather recliner earlier in the year, with the original intention of removing other seating but which on reflection, is needed for visitors.  It is now troubling me as how on earth we are going to fit a tree in, but as my husband would say first world problem, first world problem.

So I will leave you with one of the sweetly decorated trees, from the local tree festival while I go off and scratch my head for inspiration.

Have a peaceful weekend xxx

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Traditions ...

Just one photo tonight because of a little disaster in the photography/internet department this weekend.  My original post was thwarted by leaving the memory card in the computer on Saturday, swiftly followed by the trial of getting the internet back on track; if it wasn't Sunday a stiff drink would have been called for.  However, I have been able to admire the super advent calendars some of you have made.  Whilst I may not have crafted my contribution to advent, a chocolate filled advent calendar for each member of this household has become a tradition over many years, with newcomers added to the list on reaching an appropriate age and suffice to say this little reindeer wasn't long for the world on the first day of advent.
My pre-Christmas excitement has been bubbling in my tummy for a week now and I fear that, as with previous years, I may have peaked too soon because I can't believe there are still 23 days to go.  I shall have to hibernate for the next three weeks because the suspense may just kill me. 
Now so desperate am I that I am contemplating joining the independent minded amongst the population who put their trees up mid November.  Yes there is another tradition in this house, the tree is bought 12 days before Christmas and no sooner.  
So think of me as I wind myself into a frenzied state of child-like excitement over the next few weeks.
Happy belated 1st day of Advent to you all.
Welcome to A Cheerful Thrifty Door and Alison of Hill and Vale.