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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Traditions ...

Just one photo tonight because of a little disaster in the photography/internet department this weekend.  My original post was thwarted by leaving the memory card in the computer on Saturday, swiftly followed by the trial of getting the internet back on track; if it wasn't Sunday a stiff drink would have been called for.  However, I have been able to admire the super advent calendars some of you have made.  Whilst I may not have crafted my contribution to advent, a chocolate filled advent calendar for each member of this household has become a tradition over many years, with newcomers added to the list on reaching an appropriate age and suffice to say this little reindeer wasn't long for the world on the first day of advent.
My pre-Christmas excitement has been bubbling in my tummy for a week now and I fear that, as with previous years, I may have peaked too soon because I can't believe there are still 23 days to go.  I shall have to hibernate for the next three weeks because the suspense may just kill me. 
Now so desperate am I that I am contemplating joining the independent minded amongst the population who put their trees up mid November.  Yes there is another tradition in this house, the tree is bought 12 days before Christmas and no sooner.  
So think of me as I wind myself into a frenzied state of child-like excitement over the next few weeks.
Happy belated 1st day of Advent to you all.
Welcome to A Cheerful Thrifty Door and Alison of Hill and Vale.


  1. The countdown begins! I am sure the days will just fly by for you and before you know it, it will be time to buy your Christmas tree :)
    Enjoy the chocolate calendar x

  2. Some of our nsighbours have had their tree up since mid November, Way too soon. I like to put the tree up the last week-end before Christmas but with our daughter still being at school we do it the week-end before she breaks up.
    We feel part of the Christmas celebrations is putting up the tree, so if its up too early what do you do for the rest of the time?
    Daughter has an advent calander.

  3. Our tree normally goes up the first weekend in Dec but we are having a little Christmas get together at our house next weekend and as our house is only little we need all the space we can get!
    I love starting my advent calendar each year, although mine is also just a picture one. The children have fabric ones (bought not handmade I'm afraid) which I pop sweets and chocolate in.
    All exciting stuff.
    Lisa x

  4. We have a real tree so try not to put it up too early otherwise it looks awful for the big day, good job I'm building one out of lampshades!n:)

  5. your peaked to soon comment made me laugh alot! I do hope you'll be able to cope.....the people across the road have put up their tree, I now feel like the other dismal side with no lights!! enjoy your chocy calendar, will you be able to hold back! Heather x

  6. Hello there!
    I love my tree up later, rather than sooner, as like to leave till the twelfth night after too!
    I am feel more christmassy by doing this and real trees stay together longer too!
    Happy count down to you....
    ooh only 18 more sleeps till the big day!
    Sending 'Twinkles' ****
    Love Maria x

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments, wishing you enjoyment with your Christmas preparations.