Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Simplify ...

Hasn't the recent sunshine been lovely, tidying up the garden in the sun last weekend it seemed not long ago that we were out there pummelling each other with snowballs. The sight of a lighter array in my weekly veg box also signalled that at last we had turned the corner and turned the central heating off!  We also took advantage of the weather and visited the Deal Brocante, although I was concerned that some of the stallholders were starting to resemble hog-roast.  It was such a lovely trip down memory lane, isn't it amazing how a piece of fabric or china can evoke childhood memories?  I didn't buy, because over the past few months I have been reading minimalist blogs which have inspired me to both buy less and to pare down what I own.  I will never be one who can limit my wardrobe to a certain number of pieces but a more organised approach has made early mornings less stressful.  My dyslexia along with poor processing and short-term memory causes difficulties in ordering and sequencing so I can experience anxiety dealing with the unfamiliar and what others would think were simple everyday tasks.  Despite having been born and lived in London half my life, my anxiety was heighten a few weeks ago because I was due to attend a qualification workshop there.  After attending my first workshop I was reacquainted with the Underground and looked forward with excitement to the next one, but you should have seen me at St Pancras station on the first night, I thought I would never find my way home again.   I have found that being in control of my environment can help a great deal in lessening my anxiety levels and small things like a weekly internet grocery shop can take the pressure off my short-term memory and my bank balance.  So for me minimalism is more about simplification in order to lower the stress levels, but how I wish I had learnt this sooner but as they say 'wisdom comes with age'.
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend xxx


  1. I totally agree. Life is complicated but small adjustments like switching to online grocery shopping can help. And do we get more anxious as we get older? I think maybe we do. Claire xo

  2. I find as I get older, though not having dyslexia, I easily get j....u.....s.....t a leetle bit anxious when I am not in control of my environment. You are right, do whatever you can to minimise the red alerts!

    I started reading exactly those same blogs earlier this year and have done quite a bit of kitchen re-organising and de-cluttering (But not nearly enough!!) hence my blog is less about textiles and more about menu planning and kitchen organisation these days! I noticed in today's Independent newspaper one 'austerity blogger' has been offered a publishing contract - it's obviously ? at the moment, but I also hope it is helping folks who are in difficulties and have never tried to budget and plan.

  3. So true! I think too much 'stuff' can become a burden and being organised can free the mind for other things. I love to write lists. There's such joy to be found in crossing things off a list!

  4. I'm a wee bit minimalist too, and would be more so if I didn't live with such an untidy bunch of men! Which are the blogs you're reading?

    I think I've gained confidence as I've aged ... I guess we're all different :)

    1. I particularly like

    2. Thanks for the link, never seen that one before. I like UK based minimalism/simplicity blogs.

  5. Simplifying one's life is most definitely cathartic, and I too have been in a 'streamlining' mood of late, just not in my craft room! There are areas where I can make do with less (kitchen, wardrobe) but others where the hoarder in me comes out!

  6. Snap! I've also been reading minimalist blogs for a few months and just today took bags of goodies to the charity shop. More to follow next week as I am clearing out cupboards. Ongoing process.

    Having said that, I assure you my house is still full of kitsch and ....stuff. Still, I am trying to minimise bringing more stuff in (she says, planning another car boot sale sortie tomorrow. Haha. But I will be discerning and mainly, looking for vintage fabrics. Which I can use.)

    Our heating was turned off last week - we switched it back on this evening - cor, but it's chilly tonight. Blasted wind that's been howling for 3 days. Brrr!

  7. This is what I think: if it doesn't fit in the cupboards (or under the bed), there's too much of it - unless it is there specifically for decoration. I think this long winter when we have all been swaddled indoors has really intensified the desire to be freer from stuff. I don't mind a bit of austerity myself, but have to avoid those blogs that go on solely about saving money are not for me. It's all about getting the balance right, isn't it.

    By the way, my cellar looks like a bomb has hit it...

  8. I don't think I could ever be a minimalist but there is something to be send for having less. Less time to tidy and clean would certainly be a plus!
    I used to love food shopping but now I can't stand it although I can't quite hand it all over to an on line shop I do try and do one every so often for all the heavy stuff and bulk buy things we use a lot of to lessen the work out on my arms!
    Lisa x

  9. I am a would-be minimalist but have horrid clutter tendencies - something to do with the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn at my birth....! No, I'm just a disorganised individual but I agree that simplicity does ease anxiety and I do try and keep things so as much as possible. And I like good design - simple but clever and practical.

    There is much to be said for growing older and wiser - though I fear I may have to live a very long time to reach my peak in wisdom!

  10. Oh for a simple life, wouldn't that be marvellous. I am going to check out that blog you recommended, I could do with some inspiration for dealing with the clutter.