Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Well I never ...

Whilst in Oxford St, a few weeks back, I spied this card.  It wasn't until I was in Scribbler looking for a suitable Father's day card that I picked it up and thought why not.  It is making it debut because during my regular Saturday morning newspaper flit and blog hop, I am reliably informed on thewomensroomblog that it is World Gin Day.  I am not prescribing this as a solution to all ills, heaven knows I might find you all thrown onto the street with your babies but hopefully the card will make both the teetotal and imbiber smile.

Happy weekend xxx

Friday, 14 June 2013

Cheery moments ...

A few years back I had singing lessons, which were really enjoyable apart from the realisation that substantial physical stamina is required to belt out a tune.  Unfortunately I remain more or less tune-less!  Many a time when I am warbling away to myself I hear the comment 'she's had singing lessons you know!'  One of my favourite tunes was a featured 'Inheritance track' on Radio 4's Saturday Live last weekend.  It is a regular in my repertoire, and so cheery that when I spotted this on small-bird I just had to have it.  Puzzled faces at home but heck it makes me smile and a satisfying substitute for the distinct lack of sunshine this week.
Have a fab weekend xxx

Friday, 7 June 2013

Blooming marvellous ...

Recently there have been quite a few photos of lilacs on some of my favourite blogs.  So I thought I would partake of the lilac-fest with a white version.  As you may have guessed from previous posts, I have a distinct lack of gardening skills.  Those that I do possess include; hacking, chopping, pointing, and delegation of the bagging up to others.  Despite this, these little beauties turn up year after year.  Admittedly, not as high or as strong as when we were first introduced to each other, but many blooms of both the white and lilac variety have been enjoyed over the years. 
Hope you all have a blooming wonderful weekend xxx

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Things I am loving right now ...

Fun mugs seen on an impromptu visit to Liberty's this week.

Blossom in the park, during the Spring Fair a couple of weeks back.

Freebie magazine and some brand new books in the local library.  The Bowler's Meatball Cookbook is pretty good, includes sauces & dips and a range of fish and vegetarian options which I am hoping to take my pick from soon.

Some colour in the garden, at last.

A coat of paint on the garden bench.

And finally a resuscitated plant, which seemed to be on its last legs last year. 

 Who said I didn't have green fingers?