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Friday, 7 June 2013

Blooming marvellous ...

Recently there have been quite a few photos of lilacs on some of my favourite blogs.  So I thought I would partake of the lilac-fest with a white version.  As you may have guessed from previous posts, I have a distinct lack of gardening skills.  Those that I do possess include; hacking, chopping, pointing, and delegation of the bagging up to others.  Despite this, these little beauties turn up year after year.  Admittedly, not as high or as strong as when we were first introduced to each other, but many blooms of both the white and lilac variety have been enjoyed over the years. 
Hope you all have a blooming wonderful weekend xxx


  1. What lovely blossom. Lilac always reminds me of my parent's garden and such a wonderful scent.

  2. Loving this white variety - must look out for it.
    Claire xo

  3. I love white lilac, it is so gorgeous and I bet it smells great too. Lucky you!

  4. isn't the white lovely, and I think our gardening skills are similar! except I don't have anyone to delegate to, nevermind! Heather x

  5. Actually, I entirely expect it will be "blooming". We visited two "open garden squares" today and are planning to get on the bikes tomorrow and visit the rest in the borough. Very much looking forward to the community gardens.

    1. I love 'open gardens', they appeal to my nosey nature.

  6. I can almost smell them, they looks just so pretty.
    Lisa x

  7. Lovely, lovely. We've planted a white lilac in our new garden but it's just a little stick as yet - maybe in a year or two it will have some blooms. And maybe in five or six, it will be as beautiful as yours.