Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Starting over ...

It has been both a busy and exciting few weeks, including a lampshade making workshop run by the author of this book.  It was so much fun, to meet new and interesting people and to get that self-satisfied feeling that you have created something you never knew you could.  The result of my labour now happily resides, with matching cushion, in the youngest's bedroom, praise indeed. 

Also despite having knitted numerous scarves, hats and the odd jumper or two I have joined knitting school to try and improve both my speed and technique.  A colleague at work managed to find a free five week beginners knitting course with Adult Education, so a group of us spent a relaxing couple of hours with a friendly tutor last week and my living room table now looks like this.

I feel like I am knitting with boxing gloves but I am determined to go back to basics in order to erase any bad habits.   Happily, although my speed hasn't greatly improved, my needle grip now looks more professional.  My target is to knit myself a pair of socks with the wool purchased in sale three years ago. 

I will leave you with a picture of the peonies I purchased this week whilst I go off and work wonders with wool!  They were a naughty purchase but the colour is so beautiful, I could not resist.

Hope you all have a wonderfully creative weekend xxx


  1. Lovely lampshade. Well done you. I'm envious about the knitting course. I'd love to sign up for one. I must get around to it. Good luck making the socks. Look forward to your reveal.

  2. I do like your choice of fabric and colour...its brill when our youngsters adopt what we make...I also like the look of your rose petal hand cream!!!
    bestest wishes to you today
    Daisy J x

    1. Yes it's very nice hand cream, treated a friend to a lime and ginger version too.

  3. I love that fabric! Looks great as a lampshade.

  4. Loving the colour of your green wool and the shape of those peonies. Happy creating xo

  5. The lampshade is gorgeous. Its lovely to be able to make your own soft furnishings.
    I am back knitting at the moment, it comes over me in fits and starts but I do find it relaxing and should do more of it really!

  6. How incredibly satisfying to have things in your home that you have made yourself.
    Good luck with the knitting lessons, hope things continue to improve and you are wearing those socks in the winter.
    Lisa x

  7. Hello,

    Your lampshade looks most impressive. The fabric gives a wonderfully retro 1950s feel. How marvellous that you are now able to co-ordinate the look of a room to include the lampshades. We have many tatty shades and it would be great to revamp them. However, we are not the least bit practical and so shall just stay in envy of yours!

    A friend of ours keeps us in hand knitted socks and they are wonderful. One can have so many more whacky designs than are available in the shops. Good to start now for Autumn!

  8. I love your lampshade - very funky and retro! It sounds like a great course to attend.

  9. Peonies are gorgeous and indulgent - why not? And your knitting class is free so that makes it OK ;)
    Love that lampshade, it looks super-professional. I'd like to try something like that.
    Sarah x

  10. Great looking lampshade! And sometimes you just need to treat yourself to a nice bunch of flowers in a glorious colour :)

  11. ~ Well done , you..Always lovely to create some thing special from your own hands..LOVE it!
    I have a soft spot for Peonies, mine are just starting to bud!!
    soo very pretty!
    Hugs Maria x

  12. Hi there, the lampshade is gorgeous. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  13. Dear Load of Old Tat
    Your knitting looks tremendous - very neat indeed. My peonies have now all finished in the garden but I also cheated and bought tulips which look like a peony (reduced in Wilkinsons!) so extended the season for a bit longer.
    I hope that all is well in Load of Old Tat land
    Best wishes

  14. You've certainly chosen a wonderful wool to knit with - I adore the Noro brand. Beautiful colours in your lampshade and peonies too! Axxx

  15. wonderful, I can see we were seduced by the same colour Peonies! good luck with the socks, knitted socks feel lovely! Heather x

  16. I've often wished I could knit faster, although others tell me I knit quickly I don't really feel as if I do. Hope you enjoy the sock knitting :)