Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

Monday, 26 May 2014

Plastered ...

Not in drunken terms but in preparation for the big kitchen refit.  The kitchen and dining room walls are beginning to resemble a Farrow and Ball paint chart; Setting Plaster anyone or would you prefer some Farrow's Cream or Breakfast Room Green?  All of which can be found beneath the unclad walls.  Even the long on-trend 'grey' has a look in.  Who would have known how hip previous inhabitants of this house were?  The real work starts tomorrow and we can look forward to one calendar month of assemblage both in the cooking and building sense.  Hopefully, an offshoot of all the salad will be a few less pounds around the waistline.  As you can imagine, my mind has been totally consumed with paint colours and plans.  However there has also been a little time here and there for more creative pursuits.  With the assistance of YouTube I've managed to teach myself to knit on double pins.  I was so chuffed that I had finally cracked the technique that I had to let one of my neighbours know!

With every penny going towards the kitchen it will be a while before I purchase new wool to complete a full sock project.   Instead I have been using up what is hanging around the house.  The knitting class, I've been lucky enough to attend, has reawakened the fun that can be experienced with two or even four needles.  One scarf is completed, waiting to be blocked with another on the needles.  Quite a boring pattern so I started a pair of two needle socks, the only problems being that I need a third ball of 'discontinued' wool, and I found I can't knit and natter so will have to unravel to find at what point in the conversation that extra stitch was added.  More successfully, I finished a small quilt for a little one, only my second ever, not perfect but appreciated nonetheless.

So you probably won't see me for a few weeks when hopefully I will have grasped the new cooker controls (or the Masterchef has) and a hot meal is produced.  Do also be in readiness for totally gratuitous photos of a nice new shiny sink too.
Have a wonderful week xxx