Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

Friday, 17 April 2015

Spring in my step ...

A few Spring treats have found their way into the home recently, including a lovely Boden shirt - I couldn't resist the sale especially when a further reduction email tempted me in.  My COS breton top was also a sale purchase.  Both items worn on the hottest days this Easter, now washed and ready to iron.  These tiny espresso cups for the coffee addict in my life, gave me another excuse to introduce a little more sunshine into the kitchen and, of course, the obligatory bunch of scented daffodils.  Isn't yellow such a happy colour?

Another purchase was a Kindle paperwhite, resisted for so long as a 'want' and not a 'need' without realising how perfect the 'Janet & John' font is for a slow reading dyslexic like me.  I bought this with birthday money two weeks ago but already on my fourth book.  I am currently reading H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald, not too sure yet but I may warm to it.  If you are reading or have read this book, please let me know what you think.  My favourite book so far this year has been The Girl on the Train, although not technically a read being an audiobook on the long drive home from work, I have been raving about it since.  

Linking back to my previous post, I managed a walk every day in January but a difficult start to February impacted upon my ability/motivation to achieve as much that month.  However, since then I have ensured that come rain, come shine I include at least a twenty minute walk in my daily routine.  As a result up there with my Kindle is my other favourite birthday present, my Fitbit.  I was cynical at first, leaving it in its packaging for a while whilst I decided if I wanted to return it to the shop but once unwrapped I was hooked.   It is a brilliant little piece of kit.  I can monitor everything from my steps, the miles I've walked, my daily water intake even down to the pace and intensity of my walks.  Sadly, I do come over all 'Carry On' when it vibrates to tell me I've achieved my 10000 steps for the day, but it is so much more fun than my basic pedometer and the app provides bar charts demonstrating my progress, I am such a nerd really.  

On a serious note I do find that it has a powerful motivational affect on me, which is positive for my general health and fitness.   It even monitors my sleep pattern, and wakes me up in the morning although I do cheat by not logging any crafty afternoon naps much to the disgust of my family.  Surprisingly, for someone who I would consider to be in a pretty sedentary job with a long commute I found that I walk a lot whilst I am at work so a quick twenty minutes ups the steps to a daily 10000 with very little effort.  I know a Fitbit isn't a necessity but hell it's fun and sometimes when life gets too serious an injection of frivolity is just what the Dr ordered.

Have a wonderful weekend and if you are passed by a women walking at a vigorous pace, tapping frantically at her wrist that will be me.



  1. Like you I gave in to Boden email temptation and ordered one of those shirts in a lavender large floral print. It's a bit much though and teenager says it's awful so will probably return it. Your choice looks good though - might exchange instead. I'm in the middle of The Girl on the Train'. Very compelling read.

    1. Doris, yellow might be the way to go because my teenager complemented me when I tried my shirt on and no money exchanged hands! I was also successful in getting a job I wanted years ago whilst wearing yellow. Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. Best wishes.

  2. Oooh I do love a bit of sunshine yellow. It's such a happy colour.

  3. Yellow definitely is the colour of spring, daffodils, aconite, cowslips...not usually my favourite colour but recently I'm finding myself choosing lovely yellow things. Love the vintage looking top print...I must go and check the Boden website.
    Have a cool week,

  4. How one longs for a bit of colour this time of year (oops, do I sound like the Queen?) My friend has a beautiful primrose coat which looks fabulous with her Mary Portas hair (oops again - she doesn't like Mary Portas so don't tell her I said that).

    Fitbit sounds like the way to go and probably woudl save a fortune in gym fees, no?

  5. I'm a sucker for stripes but definitely need a yellow striped top in my life... You know, to add to the collection.
    The Fitbit sounds great. It's very motivating to be able to track things and reach targets. I also want one of those. Maybe I'll add it to my ever-growing birthday wishlist.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend :)
    S x